What Type of Issue Can Massage Improve?

Massage for Whiplash Due to a Car Accident

Whiplash can happen in a matter of seconds and is most common in motor vehicle accidents due to the impact from being hit from any angle where the head overextends in a back and forth motion simultaneously. Motor vehicle accidents happen every day with millions of people reporting whiplash as a result.


People that may be more at risk to whiplash are people that have had previous injuries, restricted range of motion, pre- traumatic headaches and age due to the strength in your neck. The stronger the neck muscles the better chance of having less injury .


The severity and how immediate the onset of the pain is will determine how long the pain will last. Immediate and severe pain results in the poorest outcome whereas people that feel the pain after the accident are less severe with a better outcome. After a motor vehicle accident you must wait 7-10 days after the accident before receiving a massage be sure to see a doctor to rule out any nerve damage or any other further damage. It is important not to disrupt during the first 7-10 days due to the healing process.


Symptoms for whiplash may be present right away but for some it may be days, months or years before experiencing anything. Signs of whiplash include; headaches, pain, dizziness, TMJ issues, difficulty swallowing, low back pain and other neurological symptoms.


Whiplash may result in ligament sprains, damage to the facet joint capsules, misalignment in the cervical vertebrae, damaged discs, spasms and trigger points. The muscles that are affected in whiplash include the sternocleidomastoid, longus colli, scalenes, semispinalis capitis, and splenius capitis, these muscles will also be focused on when receiving massage. This specific muscular injury can be addressed with manual therapies (massage therapy, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture), joint irritation can be eased with range of motion movements and release of the muscles crossing those specific joints. These specific therapies can prevent and reduce muscle spasms, scar tissue accumulation, adhesion, fibrosis and ischemia.


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