How Much Pressure in a Massage is Too Much?

How much pressure is too much when receiving a massage? Pressure for a massage is different for everyone.  Most people that have seen a movie or see TV shows with someone screaming in pain due to the amount of pressure being applied during their massage, think that's the way a massage should feel and be like. Wrong.  The massage shouldn't be where you feel as if they are going through you as well as the table, Nor have that mindset, "No Pain, No Gain" ...A massage also shouldn't be where you are gritting your teeth and tensing your muscles to alleviate from pain that is being applied to you. 


Please tell us when it's too much were not mind readers, we base the pressure off of how your body reacts. Communication during the session is important so you have the best quality of service. The kind of pressure you should be looking for in your massage session should be more relaxing but yes still therapeutic as most people call it "the feel good pain" it hurts but doesn't hurt to the point of being uncomfortable, there is a difference want to leave without soreness not be more sore then what you had come in with.

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