Fun Holidays this Week:    

December 2: Start of Hanukkah – Happy Hanukkah! 

December 7: Letter Writing Day – Today is a great day to get started on your holiday cards.

December 8: National Brownie Day – 86 wonderful recipes to try. 


Hydration Recipe 

Keeping hydrated is an important part of staying healthy. Water promotes cardiovascular health, keeps your body cool, helps muscles and joints work better and keeps skin supple. Here is this week’s hydration recipe:

Ginger Lemon Water


1 small ginger root, pealed

1 lemon, sliced 




Add ginger root and lemon to a pitcher of water. Chill and enjoy. 

Massage Gift Baskets


If you want to make giving a gift certificate extra special for the holidays, one creative way is to assemble a basket full of goodies designed to promote relaxations. If you like this idea, here are 10 suggestions for what you can include in your basket along with the massage gift certificate.

  1. Candles
  2. Bath salts/bubbles
  3. Bathrobe
  4. Slippers / socks
  5. Comfy pajamas
  6. Essential oils
  7. Neck pillow
  8. Soothing music
  9. Herbal tea
  10. Soft blanket

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