How much do I Tip for a massage?

Many people ask how much should they leave there massage therapist for a tip. Although tips are not expected they are appreciated by the the therapist for the hard work they put in to giving you the massage.Whether its a 60..90..0r 120 minute massage tipping is based on quality of service . The percentage tipped should be based on quality of service : did they address the areas you wanted , did they communicate with you about pressure , the experience overall, ect. All of these are things to take in to consideration when deciding do i leave 10, 15, or 20 % gratuity ,you may also wanna consider how often you will be receiving massage as well as how much does my budget allow. If tipping means you cant get a good massage more often like you want then don't tip, we would rather see you more often then not all , we appreciate you business and will still give you 110% on future visits.

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