What Is A Massage?

Massage Therapy was introduced to the United States in the 1850s. Massage is the use of different techniques by using  hand, fingers, forearms,elbows or feet  by pressing, rubbing or manipulating the muscles. Massage is done in a calm/soothing environment. Before the session the therapist will review the medical history provided by the client  and ask questions pertaining to the clients information to customize the massage session. The therapist may ask to preform an evaluation based on what is bothering you for that day to locate painful or tense areas .At that point it will determine how much pressure that client can take to the area of pain/ overall pressure to be used during the session. The therapist leaves the room so that the client can undress to their comfort level  (most people wear their underwear) and lie on the massage table. You will be covered with a sheet the entire time, except for the area being massaged. Depending on the therapist they may or may not use oil or lotion (the oil/ lotion is used to reduce friction to the skin. 

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